The Easy & Efficient Way to Get Fresh After Using The Bathroom

I was doing remodelling in my bathroom so I was I was looking for something modern but functional at the same time and I found it with this one. I love this bidet and the option to put it in the edge of the toilet tank so I close the old faucet from the wall and connect it as directed.


black handheld bidet sprayer

The hand bidet provides a refreshing and cleansing wash or convenient diaper spray right in the palm of your hand.

Black Steel Hand Bidet Kit

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The elegant and ergonomic black hand bidet sprayer is simple to use and offers several mounting options for easy installation in any bathroom.

The stainless steel T-valve offers full pressure and spray type adjustability and complete water shutoff for safety.

The extra-long flexible braided hose makes the this black handheld bidet one of the most reliable bidet sprayers on the market.

Buy the black hand-held bidet (black diaper sprayer / black shattaf) for every bathroom enabling the entire family to benefit from a fresh clean bathroom experience.


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No matter how you spell it, we want you to know you’ve found the premier stainless steel hand bidet toilet kit here

39 reviews for Black Sprayer

  1. Wolf Heinecke

    Excellent build quality and super easy to install and set up with the instructions provided. Should’ve got this sooner. The finish matched very close to the brushed gold I have. You can not go wrong! Buy yours today!

  2. Ralph Griffiths

    This was installed between our toilet and sink and we use it to rinse the sink that’s not so easy to clean. Works great for our needs.

  3. Bob E.

    easy to install, high-quality product, delivered on time.

  4. Filip Foster

    Great quality

  5. Anika Auerbach

    I purchased two sets of this item and I love the quality. It is extremely easy to install and has a high quality feeling. I wish I had 3 more bathrooms to install this item on all of them 🙂

  6. Andrew Watson

    This bidet sprayer is a high quality material purchase with every part. It fits perfect with our powder room decor. The T-bar was a little confusing at first because we were adding plumbers tape – which we ended up figuring out that none was needed because of the quality of the materials.

  7. Victoria Russell

    The ON/OFF handle adjusts the sprayer pressure with a distinct on/off click button on the sprayer.

    We have ordered 3 more (to complete all 4 toilets in our home) in their respective colors.

    Highly recommend for the bidet cleaning results without a full toilet seat needed!

  8. Adriana

    Easy to install. I always have hand bidets! It is a cleaner way to clean up after going to the bathroom. 😉
    I love the quality. My prior one was plastic and got hard and stiff. This one looks like it will last a while.

  9. Elsie

    Great product easy to install worth every cent

  10. Arno Höffner

    Easy to install. It did not leak and the pressure is perfect. The hose is long enough to reach where you need it and the control is firm but easy.

  11. Shay Mason

    Excellent product, I’ve this since 3 months and woks perfectly. I would buy it again. Highly recommended.

  12. Astrid Murphy

    Easy to install and works as described. Love the color too!

  13. Laila King

     Looks super modern and high end, took less than 10 min to install- no leaks so far. The adjustable water pressure feature is great. Love it!

  14. Simon

    Nice look solid feel and easy to install. Matches perfectly with my bathroom

  15. Hanns Vogt

    Very good stream. No leaking. Overall a great purchase.

  16. Karl Stricker

    Awesome product works and looks great, great pressure on both adjustments

  17. JD Wells

    looks really good and functions well.

  18. Blair Booth

    Sleek and great material

  19. Claudia Schuttler

    I installed this bidet sprayer myself and in about an hour with a Leatherman multi-tool. I love it and I use it all the time. Needless to say it has proven to be indispensable in these days of toilet paper shortages. I am a woman in my 60s.
    This sprayer is sturdy and comes with everything needed to install it properly.

  20. Elke Hantzsch

    The quality is really good and it looks so nice, especially the handle weld with the valve perfectly.

  21. Chris Gallagher

    This product was easy to install. The on/off button is a nice feature compared to others I’ve used that you have to hold the button for water to spray. The two different flow types is a nice added feature as well. This is a very solid unit and well built.

  22. Else Mensing

    With the other bidet I used, I had to use the painters tape. This one only needed the washers. There are two spray pressures to choose from. I love it!

  23. Demi Mills

    This hose looks very nice. I love that you can control/adjust the pressure according to your needs.

  24. Kiera Butler

    Great product! I can’t believe it took a pandemic for me to try this!

  25. Rene Ellis

    It’s very nice. High Quality. Not like others which peel their “finish”. Highly Recommend!

  26. Dan

    I was doing remodelling in my bathroom so I was looking for something modern but functional at the same time and I found it with this one. I love this bidet and the option to put it in the edge of the toilet tank so I close the old faucet from the wall and connect it as directed.

  27. R. Howard

    Product is nice which is easy to install good looking material very happy with the product

  28. Christof Mahlau

    Easy peasy to install and great to use.

  29. Pete

    Solid material worth the money

  30. Dominic Willis

    The bidet spray is very beautiful. I never write reviews but the customer service is phenomenal. Would highly recommend and purchase again!

  31. Anthony Phelan

    good quality and look luxury, easy to use and install

  32. Dane Buttler

    Product works very well for sanitary cleaning of yourself and the toilet.

  33. Kai23

    Love the matte finish

  34. Engelbert Roth

    This sprayer has a really strong spray, which is better than being too weak. The adjustable tip switches between two strengths. However the weaker of the two settings is the best if using this on any area of the skin (it is still fairly strong). The stronger setting can be used for cleaning other items.

    The fittings are metal and feel extremely solid. This is one area that made me select this product. It did not disappoint. I was concerned that adding this sprayer might introduce some smaller leaks in the fittings, but so far no issues.

    The button on/off (locks in place for on and needs to be depressed a second time to turn it off) takes a bit getting used to, and in hindsight I probably would have preferred a on/off that turns off when it is released. But that is minor and the button works fine with no issues so far. I am sure it is handy if used for cleaning the bowl or other items.

    Bottom line – it does everything as expected and no issues. I am a happy customer!

  35. Jaime Grant

    The product was packaged very well and looked flawless! Everything you need is in your box, including Teflon tape. It was easy to install but the parts can be scratched easily. Another small issue I noticed was the hook used for the attachment – it attachment doesn’t fit well with the hook if you place the hook inside your toilet compared to mounting it against the wall. Hopefully mounting it will make the attachment latch on more smoothly. One component I like about this product is the two settings you have on the spray. Very useful when it comes to cleaning your sink or toilet bowl.

  36. Skye Lawson

    I’m a really senior lady who suffers from some ailments that prevent all the cleanliness, unless you shower every time you use your commode. well….it’s here and installed! great product and finish. mounted to side of my vanity within easy reach. straight stream or pulsating stream. forget the rest of the “tricks” for a portable bidet. this is the only thing you need, ever!

  37. Lee Hopkins

    Got this to match all of our plumbing fixtures in our bathroom. Looks super modern and high end, took less than 10 min to install- no leaks so far. The adjustable water pressure feature is great. Love it!

  38. Shay G.

    great product, very useful…

  39. Vic Perry

    With the napkin shortage during the pandemic, this bidet becomes a necessity. Highly recommended!

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